Welcome to a curated selection of my film-related works, drawn from various stages of my life.

This collection showcases a mix of youthful explorations and professional assignments, offering you a comprehensive view of my journey in film and video production. The arrangement is not strictly chronological or quality-based, as it alternates between my early explorations in filmmaking and my mature, professional endeavors.

my latest project:

Expressing Identity in VRChat: Live at Global Digital Pride

During the Global Digital Pride event, DreamConnector took the initiative to explore the role of virtual reality in identity exploration and expression. 

With the aim of delivering broadcast-standard production, I set out to coordinate a multi-camera live event. In a short span of just four days, I managed to assemble a team comprising of two camera operators and a streaming professional.

Synchronizing and live mixing video feed from different corners of the globe was a new and significant challenge. My utmost gratitude goes out to my dedicated team, who worked tirelessly to make this possible. I am incredibly proud of what we achieved together.

Movies Crafted During My Studies

Alles Grau? - Abschlussfilm

5 Minute short documentary Exploring the prejudice of Marzahn being a Gray Highrise dominated part of the city. contrasting it with the Beautiful old town 


FInal Production and exam element in My education as A media Designer. 


Accountable for all Elements / Pre Prod & Research, Scheduling, Communication and Arranging Rides. As well as Choosing, and operating the right Equipment, Improvising when needed and Editing the Final Material according to ARD ZDF Standards as well as licensing any foreign material.


Total Production Time 22h

Weekend In the metaverse

The biggest challenge here was to explain to my teachers, that operating a virtual camera inside of VRchat // aka the Stream Cam, still requires the operation of focus point, aperture, framing the subject and so on. And so i should be allowed to use it in my study Projects.

Talking trough 6 teachers i got the permission –> with a lot of restrictions, limiting my visons ofpresenting vrchat party culture. Still believe to have gotten together a conscise representation of the club scene.

Edits of community projects

Doubling with my general Portfolio Page, this hybrid event has been my latest undertaking. I also Cut A different version For Twitter as i deemed the Receptionist circle and appropiate formatting different enough to justify a special version.


These ones happened during the first lockdown period. Back then i wasnt aware of vrc. I was fully engaged with my music project goals and we organized Zoom raves as sociocultural happenings.

This shall serve my understanding and engagement with internet culture and various trends as you have asked for in your job description.


yes i do internetz

2017-2020 Various Music Videos in different aesthetics.

In my music Project i was responsible for creating unique beats and sounddesigns as well as writing, party filming and doing all the editing on our music videos. 

Starting with the newest offspring we had a budget of 1000€

I was responsible for the video script, aesthetic concept, VFX  and 3D as well as keeping the team of around 8 individuals together over a 6 month production period. juggeling the common free times to execute this ambitious project.

Production time sound and video ~4 days

0€ budget


Sound and Video Production

Video Shooting 1 day

Video editing ~16h

2017 voluntary year

While Doing My Voluntary Year in Public Broadcast television I Concepted, Scheduled and executed Movies of various formats. here are some examples

Immersive Media

In my view, movies primarily serve as a  source of passive entertainment. This principle, I believe, should extend to the realm of virtual reality. I posit that the Stereoscopic format, with a field of view spanning 180 – 210°, is the most effective way to translate this passive, immersive experience to VR cinema.


Operating under this premise, I have published atmospheric documentaries and plan to continue creating immersive films, guided by the insights from my private studies on rendering and compositing.

Most quickly available render test serving to close the paragraph

Thats it for now

You have reached the end of what i am comfortable to show. 

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