“We Are The Cyberpunks”


This blog is a personal memory and reflection of my experiences, thoughts and the findings resulting therefrom.

Leander Wierth




Adapting Social Syntax to Tech interfaces

In an intriguing turn of events, I found myself in conversation with my Google Home/Chromecast. In that moment, I realized something peculiar. I was employing a specific tone, pronunciation, and other nuances in my speech that I reserved exclusively for interacting with this particular machine program. This unique phonetic syntax developed over time, influenced by my understanding of what the device could better comprehend. The way it structures and analyzes inputs had significantly influenced my vocal usage. Interestingly, I had adapted to its distinct ‘social structure’.

Our role in shaping the future of virtual life

i want to express my feeling and idea of how everyone on the plattform (VRChat)has chosen and contributes to the idea of virtual life and the freedom to create and upload any possible thing, thus enabling true creativity. 


for me it is clear that virtual worlds will become more and more a core part of the human experience / humanity / human social life. 


I believe that this offers a great chance to have a positive impact on humanity in total as generations growing up natively in a world where they are face to face spending time with people around the globe and experience the beautiful variety we can be and express ourselves. 

these generations will understand the concepts of nations, borders, color, gender and other conflict creating ideas in a totally different way. 


the human experience extending into the realm of digital worlds is a beautiful part of our future. however in order to have a beautiful virtual experience in the future it is our turn to show the world what makes virtual life so beautiful. we have to secure, that our core pricipals of freedom are carried into the mass adoption of Metaverse/Cyberspace ideas. 


I am afraid that due to user comfort and financial power, the mass adoption will be based on the approaches shown in other, restricted plattforms. wether or not VRChat will be around in 100 years, we are the largest community showing these concepts work. It is on us to make the world see it. only then corporates will be forced to adopt the free foundation and core principles of how virtual life is played out.


 Wether you are a Creator, Streamer, Or Enjoyer of this life, you are part of this cultural movement!