The portfolio presented on this website showcases a variety of projects, some of which were completed under contract, during my educational journey, or while employed with a company. These projects are included alongside my main DreamConnector Community projects to provide a comprehensive view of my capabilities and experiences. 

Please note that specific projects undertaken under contract or during employment are the intellectual property of the respective organizations. They are displayed here solely to illustrate my involvement and contributions.


Connecting a Berlin venue with a VRChat Music Club

At the Berlin Dance Music Event 2023, we unveiled the boundless creative potential of VRChat’s music culture to a fresh and awestruck audience.

Our collaboration with the Intermodal Music crew and Fat Soundsystem saw DJs from around the world brought into SAE Institute Berlin’s studio room, bridging the gap between reality and the virtual realm.

Empowered by the same selfless spirit that ignited pivotal cultural revolutions, our team of cyberpunks united to face any odds. Despite a gauntlet of unforeseen challenges, our shared determination propelled us forward. And so, communicating across oceans and timezones, we made this an sweatbreaking adventure that i will forever remember!

A heartfelt thanks to @AgenturINSZENE for generously providing their unique 360 Projection Technology. The phenomenal work of world creators Hidi & Texelsaur, VR Videographer Ariel_Emerald, and Graphic Designer 600KW were instrumental. Acknowledging the exceptional community management by L33M, Xasu, and Snelrev, along with our dynamic DJs and VJs – your contributions turned our vision into reality.

I also want To Thank My guests on stage During the “Freedom & Rave In Cyberspace Stagetalk” your insightful presentations truly encapsulated the beauty of the VR community. Thank you @Straszfilms @StrawberryProtato @MUZZ DnB // Sanctum @Ariel_emerald @djtimboy8689 @OFFICIALCYNTHESZR

Expressing Identity in VRChat: Live at Global Digital Pride

During the Global Digital Pride event, DreamConnector took the initiative to explore the role of virtual reality in identity exploration and expression. 

With the aim of delivering broadcast-standard production, I set out to coordinate a multi-camera live event. In a short span of just four days, I managed to assemble a team comprising of two camera operators and a streaming professional.

Synchronizing and live mixing video feed from different corners of the globe was a new and significant challenge. My utmost gratitude goes out to my dedicated team, who worked tirelessly to make this possible. I am incredibly proud of what we achieved together.

EXPO 2020

(Company employed Project)

Large scale print of Nursultan for the Pavilion of Kazakhstan during the World Expo 2020 

While being in education and employed at Mbox Bewegtbild, I was responsible for creating detailed 3D models of the architecture in capital city Nursultan and the surrounding environment, ensuring that they were accurate and true to the country’s aesthetic. also designed were lighting and sound effects to enhance the visitor’s experience. I am proud to have contributed to this successful project, which received positive feedback from visitors and critics alike. 

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(Contract work)

Transcending fashion designs into metaverse avatars and developing augmented reality snapchat filters.

 For the brand KAIMIN, I had the opportunity to work on a groundbreaking project for the metaverse platform Decentraland and AR Snapchat lenses. The project was a collaboration with Samsung and was a major step for KAIMIN in establishing their presence in the metaverse.


I was responsible for creating avatar outfits  in Decentraland, and AR Snapchat lenses that allowed users to virtually try on the garments in the real world. 


Bringing KAIMIN’s unique style and vision to the metaverse, and to create engaging and interactive experiences for users was incredible fun. By working closely with the team, I was able to ensure that the project was technically sound and that the end result was a seamless and high-quality experience.

Overall, the project was a major step for KAIMIN in terms of metaverse branding, and I am proud to have played a key role in making it happen. The project showcase KAIMIN’s innovative approach to branding and marketing, and their commitment to exploring new and exciting technologies.


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The Metaverse is Alive! The vibrant community of VRchat Parties every night around the globe.

Organizing Events in virtual spaces is a Lot of fun and a rewarding experience while coming with its own challenges

As a creative and experienced event organizer, starting youth center Meetups at the age of 13, later getting into setting up Underground music events leading up to large scale demonstrations and concerts. 


virtual events need special caretaking and prove different challenges. With my know how to direct the various aspects a sucessfull event needs , i quickly adapted to the new requirements and studied the social behaviour and dynamics.


now I have successfully launched multiple events on the VR platform VRChat. where a vibrant music culture exists. These music events are a prime example of the metaverse and cyberpunk aesthetic, and have been a huge success among the community.


One of the key aspects of these events is the team of moderators, DJs, VJs, and performers that I gather to make the event happen. I have built a rich base of skilled artists, as well as gathered a lot of expertise on user behavior and how to adress the right audience and spread information in these virtual worlds.


I also have to focus on the communication and marketing of the event, to reach the right audience and to create a buzz around the event. my experience organizing these virtual raves has given me a deep understanding of the metaverse and cyberpunk aesthetic, as well as the technical and creative skills needed to plan and execute successful virtual events. I am excited to continue exploring this space and to push the boundaries of what is possible in the metaverse.


VR – IRL Real Time Interaction Portal

As the lead project manager for the virtual reality to real life convention space portal at Eurofurence 26, I successfully pitched and executed an innovative concept that allowed visitors to engage and communicate with like-minded individuals from around the globe in real-time.



The portal featured lifesize projections and ran 24/7 throughout the duration of the convention, allowing attendees to participate in the talk and music program even if they were unable to physically attend. I was responsible for the project concept, technical realization, leading the team building the VR world and developing a custom tailored streaming solution. 



The success of the portal was evident through the positive feedback received from attendees, many of whom were able to connect with friends who were unable to make it to the convention.


I am Looking forward Iterating on this idea and bring the concept to next years edition of EF and other places.


Virtual Production

Developing a Virtual Production Environment at C Quadrat Studios

balancing a full-time role as a Media Design Trainee, my passion for virtual Reality led to an unexpected opportunity. A classmate recommended me for the design of a virtual studio. This recommendation turned into an invitation to pitch my ideas, which subsequently led to a project hire.


With the task of creating a versatile, production-ready virtual studio on a budget only stretching to cover my time and labor, I embraced this new challenge. The goal was to design a multi-camera and dynamic content environment adaptable to various client needs.


Despite hurdles and countless weekends late-night shifts, I delivered a solution meeting my clients’ satisfaction. My carefully documented designs enabled the team at C quadrat to conduct independent live broadcasts with up to three cameras and dynamic content. The custom-designed shaders and user interface elements facilitated easy customization of the virtual environment by untrained staff.


Looking ahead, I plan to revisit this project after graduation, intending to implement new environments, introduce 6DOF tracking, and develop a closed user environment. This project not only resulted in a robust solution but also represented a step forward in my journey of learning and innovation in the virtual design realm.

Technical Realization:


An SDI-NDI signal flow was configured for the camera streams, providing the capability to deliver content live. This allowed for dynamic interplay with the background wall and facilitated real-time call-ins on a fly-in TV screen. Measures were implemented to compensate for audio delays, with the final composition being executed in VMIX.


One of the most challenging aspects and significant areas of knowledge acquisition was camera matching. An accurate reference model was developed to examine and compute the consistent and inconsistent variables inherent in this project. Real-time tracking and a user interface were integrated into an early prototype. However, they were deferred for future development as the project executives aimed to achieve a stable but static camera setup fast. During a live show, up to three cameras can be coordinated and repositioned during the broadcast when not active.


Aesthetic Execution:


The visual environment experienced two significant stylistic revisions. In consideration of time and resource efficiency, the current aesthetic was finalized. Accomplished through a prefab system comprising varied decorative elements, Room arrangements, and a catalog of fine-tuned materials, all driven by a custom-developed shader. 

These elements were designed and well-documented to facilitate easy access for untrained employees, enabling swift implementation of customer input.


My proposals to invest in basic 6DOF camera tracking technology and more time designing the Virtual space were shelved for future considerations. Despite this, I am proud of the versatility and adaptability of the final virtual environment, which reflects my commitment to delivering client-centric solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Technical Realization:


After careful evaluation of the visual and functional objectives, as well as the existing infrastructure, I opted for Unity for application development, Blender for design, and OBS & VMix for handling live inputs, final compositing, and streaming. This decision ensured an optimal blend of quality and efficiency, contributing to a robust and dynamic virtual environment.


An SDI-NDI signal flow was configured to streamline the camera streams, with the capacity for content delivery live, thereby enabling dynamic interactions with the background wall and on-the-fly call-ins on a TV screen. To balance audio-visual synchrony, measures were introduced to compensate for audio delays, and the final composition was executed in VMix.


Challenges and Solutions:


One of the most substantial challenges and areas of knowledge growth was camera matching. I created an accurate reference model to study and calculate the project’s constant and inconsistent variables. Real-time tracking and a user interface were incorporated into an initial prototype. However, these were deferred for future development to prioritize achieving a stable, static camera setup. This setup allows matching and moving up to three cameras during a live show when not active.


The visual environment underwent two major stylistic transformations, with the final aesthetic decided upon considering resource and time efficiency. The environment was designed to be highly customizable to accommodate client needs and aesthetics. This adaptability was achieved through a prefab system of various decorative elements, tables, screen and backwall arrangements, and a catalog of finely tuned materials, all powered by a shader I developed. These elements were purposefully designed and thoroughly documented to allow untrained employees to swiftly implement customer input.


While my proposition to invest in at least basic 6DOF camera tracking technology was not accepted at this stage, I am immensely proud of the completed project’s versatility and functionality.

The application can be seen and booked on the website of C-Quadrat Studios